Provide Feedback on NROC OPC Work Plan Development

December 21, 2020

The NROC Ocean Planning Committee (OPC) is beginning to update its work plan and would like your feedback on potential strategies and specific activities for the next two years before we begin drafting.

The NROC OPC currently operates under the 2019-2020 work plan which includes four primary strategies:

1 – Providing a regional forum for discussion of ocean planning and management issues

Examples: General ocean planning meeting and meetings and webinars focusing on specific ocean planning and management topics such as offshore wind, state planning processes, aquaculture, and transmission planning

2 – Engaging stakeholders in the development and dissemination of geospatial data via the Northeast Ocean Data Portal


  • Commercial fishing data with the Responsible Offshore Development Alliance and others
  • Marine life data updates with taxa-based work groups
  • Marine transportation – navigation and vessel traffic data with Port Operator Groups and USCG Safety and Security Forums
  • Proposed projects and management actions
    • BOEM offshore wind leases and projects
    • USEPA Isles of Shoals North Disposal Site
    • USCG Port Access Route Studies, proposed fairways, proposed anchorage areas
    • NEFMC Deep-sea Coral Amendment, Habitat Research Areas
    • Other state and federal actions pending in 2021
  • Engagement around these and many other data priorities continues into 2021

3 – Enhancing existing regulatory and management processes with specific improvements around the use of data and information, agency and interjurisdictional coordination, engaging the public, and regulatory pre-application practices (we’ve been calling all of these “Best Practices”)


  • Best Practices Work group met several times and developed draft Best Practices in 2020
  • Draft Best Practices available for public comment in early 2021

4 – Identifying capacity and funding to support these activities


As we begin to update the work plan for the next two years, we invite you to provide feedback on the existing four strategies, any other potential strategies we should consider, and on specific activities within those strategies.

Please provide your feedback via the form below by January 15, 2021. We will then develop a draft work plan for 2021-2022, post it to the website, and ask for your feedback on the draft before it is finalized. If you would like to submit a letter or other supporting documents, please send them via email attachment to