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2014 Recreational Use Survey

Dec. 5–The Northeast RPB is pleased to announce the 2014 Recreational Use Survey.

The survey is an opt-in, online tool to collect data about individual recreation uses, such as sea kayaking, surfing, and general beach use. Anyone aged 18 years or older who has visited the New England coast at least once in 2014 is encouraged to participate.

This survey is the first step in a new study to characterize coastal and marine recreational activity in New England, led by Point 97, SeaPlan, and the Surfrider Foundation. It follows up on SeaPlan and the RPB’s previous work to characterize recreational uses the Northeast.

For more information on the survey, please refer to the survey’s FAQs, or contact Melissa Gates, Surfrider’s Northeast Regional Manager, at mgates@surfrider.org or 207-706-6378.

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